Feeling Lonely?

As we get older, the world can start to become a lonelier place. Southend OPA not only provides you with a platform for engagement, it is also a great way to socialise and meet new people.

Through our meetings and events, we have an excellent network of people who come together to discuss important local issues and have the chance to socialise with each other on a regular basis. We can also help in pointing you in the direction of social clubs, activities and hobbies.

Together we can make a difference.


A Louder Voice

Our members get to have their say on relevant local issues, take part in consultations on new products and provide feedback to businesses on how to improve the services offered to older people.

Events & Activities

We help to arrange and inform our members about exciting local and national events to promote activity and help them get involved in interesting and rewarding activities.

We're all Friends

Our assembly is all about inclusion and ultimately we are a group of friends. Becoming a member means becoming part of a social group that are active in the local community and the things that take place.

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