Family and Loved Ones

We enable the voice of the over 55’s to be heard and provide an opportunity for them to speak out about relevant local and national issues and decisions that affect their lives. We promote peer involvement and offer advice and support to amplify our collective voice.

As people get older it can be harder for them to find suitable help and activities to fit into their lifestyle. We help to offer the support and advice they need, as well as giving them the opportunity to make their voice heard on relevant local issues and decisions that effect their lives.

If you have a Family Member or Loved One you think would benefit from becoming a member of Southend OPA, then get in touch by visiting our Contact Page.

Together we can make a difference.


A Louder Voice

Our members get to have their say on relevant local issues, take part in consultations on new products and provide feedback to Service Providers, Support Agencies and Businesses on how to improve the services offered to older people.

Events & Activities

We help to arrange and inform our members about exciting local and national events to promote activity and help them get involved in interesting and rewarding activities.

We're all Friends

Our assembly is all about inclusion and ultimately we are a group of friends. Becoming a member means becoming part of a social group that are active in the local community and the things that take place.

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