Dedicated couple hit the 70 year milestone

By Local News

A couple from Shoebury have celebrated their Platinum wedding anniversary after 70 years of dedication to each other.

Victor and Beryl Vince, who are both 92 years old, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, by enjoying champagne and cakes with their family.

They met when they were only 17 years old at the bandstand in Southend, where Victor approached Beryl and chatted her up.

Only a few months after they started going out, Victor was called into the RAF where he spent the next four years.

Soon after returning from his service, where he spent time in Egypt and Iraq, Victor and Beryl tied the knot.

Following their marriage, they had two children – Kevin, born in 1949, and Ann, in 1952.

Both Kevin and Ann now have grandchildren making Victor and Beryl the fourth generation of their family.

Now 92, Victor and Beryl are not as active as they used to be.

So for their special day, they spent it at their home with all their family as Beryl is now housebound.

Their daughter, Ann Parr, is impressed with how long her parents have been together.

She said: “It’s just like ‘wow’ really. Hardly anybody is married for that length of time.

“Most people don’t normally make it that long. They seem to always be quite close and they have gone on lots of amazing holidays together.

“Mother and father have just always been there.”

The couple are hoping to get an invite to the Queen’s garden party as her and Prince Phillip will also hit the 70 year milestone next month.

They are expecting a congratulations card from the Queen.

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